Posted by: texasaggie04 | January 30, 2008

urban meyer…..the teflon coach

Urban Meyer is the “tax attorney” of college football coaches. I have been an avid Gator fan since I could walk and started going to home games at age 5! Say what you may about Steve Spurrier, but Urban Meyer is the best coach that will ever blow a whistle in Gainesville.

Every year it seems, Dr. Meyer finds a way to circumvent the NCAA’s recruiting rules. Somehow, without breaking the rules, he continues to bend them to the point that the NCAA has changed policies due to his actions.

His first major coup, was texting Tim Tebow relentlessly, even hours before he signed his letter of intent. The rules on coaches texting recruits has ironically changed since that time? This didn’t stop Uncle Urban, oh no! Now he has an interactive website, that is a recruiting tool that can be used all year long.

The latest and greatest of Meyer’s tactics was to allegedly “recruit” the girlfriend of a football recruit. The recruit, Carl Moore’s girlfriend was a gymnast at UCLA and now both the young lovebirds are Florida Gator student athletes. As far as I know, the NCAA isn’t pursuing an investigation, but I imagine they are ready to pounce on Meyer if he ever gives them the chance. Until that day, Coach Meyer, keep stickin’ it to the man 🙂

Link to article about recruiting tactics


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