Senior Wildcat at Grand Teton National Park

Texas Aggie Senior Class Pose after a YELL (Cheer at any other school)

Scotty Cunningham and myself

Scotty Ludlow Cunnigham – Scottish Rite Classmate, Loganite, and a great person and friend.

Scottish Rite Class 2009 of the 214th Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Jason Mudd and Danny Wuerffel

Jason Mudd with our hero and Heisman trophy winner, Danny Wuerrfel

Great Great Grandfather John Calvin Joyner

My Great-Grandfather, John Calvin Joyner: Shriner and 32° Scottish Rite Freemason

Ribera Wetland Restoration Project

The George Washington Masonic Memorial Museum, Alexandria, VA (built to resemble the famous lighthouse on the Nile at Alexandria, Egypt)


Texas Aggie Grizzly Bear on Road
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